“There’s no question these programs have been very helpful.
Within a week, we began to see results.”

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For over 10 years our DVDs have given thousands of people access to unlimited Aphasia therapy at home.

The average aphasic person who lives at home receives approximately 2 hours of speech therapy per week. Recent research indicates that it takes at least 8 hours of therapy per week to show continued progress.

We’ll help you find the right level of treatment for you or your loved one.

Our programs utilize auditory stimuli (hearing the words) and visual stimuli (seeing the words written on the screen) as well as repetition to help with word retrieval.

Here are our three approaches to therapy:

Communication Partner Therapy

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Severe Aphasia Therapy

For those with moderate to severe expressive aphasia. This means the person has difficulty saying single words.

Moderate Aphasia Therapy

For those who have moderate expressive aphasia. These exercises specifically focus on putting 2-5 words together into short phrases.

Mild Aphasia Therapy

For people with mild to moderate aphasia. These exercises focus on the viewer putting words together into complete sentences.

Access to at-home speech therapy
for less than the cost of one session.

Average Cost of One in Office Therapy Session:


The costs of weekly speech therapy can add up quickly. Communication Partner DVDs provide hours of therapy for a fraction of the cost of a single therapy session.


Average Cost of
One Therapy Session


Aphasia Therapy

Kimberly Robbins Speech Language Pathologist

“I am a Speech-Language Pathologist that provides face-to-face aphasia therapy to stroke survivors and brain injury victims.

I have a strong passion for working with these individuals, and my personal mission is to make their road to recovery easier.”

- Kimberly Robbins, M.A., CCC-SLP

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Stroke survivors can maximize recovery by continually practicing these
basic exercises. We know that our DVDs will help you or your loved one
show progress in recovering from aphasia.