Therapy Plateau- Patient or Therapist?

Many of you may have been told that you or your loved one are being discharged from therapy because he or she has “plateaued”.  Many times (not always) what that means is that the therapist is out of ideas of what to do next.  It’s not that the patient has reached his limit, but the therapist has reached his limit of knowledge or ideas.  I’m not trying to slam therapists by any means, I am one.  And yes, there are times that I’ve done everything I know to do with a patient, yet another therapist may be able to shine new light on the situation.  I’ve spoken to many individuals on the phone who their loved ones suffer from severe aphasia and after 2-3 months of therapy are being discharged from therapy (and not b/c of insurance limitations-that’s a whole other issue).  But because they aren’t making the progress.  What that tells me is that they need another therapist.  As therapists, we need to be able to admit, “hey, I’m all out of ideas” and refer to someone else; not just discharge from therapy all together.

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